The answer is True.™

The most important question you'll ask for your dog is what to feed them.

That's why we've spent years working with Pet Nutritionists & Culinary Experts to design products made with irresistible taste and premium ingredients. All of our dog foods and pet treats are natural, made with real protein and added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. So you’ll never have to worry, “Is this good for my dog?” again.

Is there such a thing as a "colorful plate" for your dog?

The answer is True.™ Our dog food combines deliciousness with real protein, vegetables and grains so your best friend can enjoy the benefits of many nutrients from one True Meals™ Dog Food bag.

Is there a treat that's as honest as your dog?

The answer is True.™ Sourced and made in the USA, True Chews® Dog Treats turn natural ingredients, like real chicken, into delicious treats that will delight your best friend.

Can a treat reward their curiosity, too?

The answer is True.™ Our Cat Treats are made with real protein--like chicken, fish, or duck--as the #1 ingredient and a delectable taste that'll keep their tail wrapped around your leg.

Where to find our products?

Look for our products in premium pet stores near you or find out where to order online.